The ethical problem with second-handed stores

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has fined a second-home retailer for breaching a national consumer protection law by failing to provide safe and ethical materials to second-time buyers.

The ACCC has fined the retailer $20,000 for not having a safe and ethically acceptable way of selling second-hands products.

Advertisement The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) enforcement team also launched an investigation into the second-language section of a secondhand store in Melbourne.

It was not immediately clear whether the investigation was connected to the Australian Competition Law Enforcement Act (ACLCA).

“The ACCC considers that the conduct of a business in the second language section is likely to be deceptive, misleading and deceptive conduct and is likely be unlawful,” the ACCC said in a statement.

“The conduct of the secondhand retail business is particularly problematic for consumers who rely on the legal system to ensure their right to know about potentially misleading products.”

The conduct is likely not to be legal because it is likely deceptive and misleading under the law.

“The ACCP’s action follows a number of complaints from consumers in the past year, which the ACCP said highlighted a growing problem with “second-hand shops”.

In May, a Victorian man was charged after he bought secondhand clothes from a second home retailer in the Brisbane suburb of Burwood, and returned the clothes he bought to the second home seller, who charged him a “fines, penalties and interest” of $4,000.

In September, the Queensland Supreme Court heard the court heard a third-party had also purchased second-heavily-used items from a shop in the Sunshine State.

The ACCPC and the AFP have launched an inquiry into second-leg sellers.

The Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission has launched an internal investigation into secondhand stores.


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