What is second- and third-hand retail?

Chicago’s second-heirloom stores, a tradition dating back to the 1840s, are expected to be a key part of the city’s economic future as shoppers flock to stores where they can see vintage clothing, furniture and appliances for a fraction of the cost.

The stores will also provide shoppers with a fresh look at Chicago’s once-overlooked past and future.

The city’s second and third hand stores will be set to open in 2017, with the first in the Uptown neighborhood, according to the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

The first stores opened in the neighborhood in June 2016.

They have a unique history as both an economic and cultural asset for the city, as they’re both a part of a neighborhood where the once-mighty Chicago Fireball was founded in 1906.

The Fireball became a landmark landmark for the area, and the city has since expanded the park to include a statue of the historic soccer team.

A second-storey building on the site of the original Fireball building is being designed to hold another statue, as well as a museum of Chicago’s history.

“Second-hand shops are a part and parcel of the community, a way of life,” said Ald.

Roberto Treviño (45th), who represents the citywide 2nd Ward.

“They offer something for everyone.”

The second-and third-heaviest stores will offer thrift stores, specialty shops, antique shops and specialty apparel, as opposed to second- hand stores that sell everything from clothing to electronics.

Chicago has been able to make some big strides with the second-Heirloom Business Development program, but Treviños office hopes to see more stores opening and more businesses in the area.

He’s hoping the city can expand the program by adding more stores and businesses.

“It’s the city that we’ve got to be proud of, not just with the heritage, but also with the growth of the second and 3rd hand stores,” Treviña said.

“We’re getting a lot of new businesses and new stores coming into the city.

We want to continue to expand our footprint.” 

The 2nd and 3th Hand stores will occupy a three-block parcel of land in the historic Uptamp neighborhood, between Belmont Avenue and Oakwood Avenue, on the South Side.

They’ll be part of Chicago Public Schools’ redevelopment project.


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