Epic second-home store to open in West Bank

The first-hand shops are the future of the Palestinian economy and have a lot of potential to revive the economy.

It is the second-most important job in the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority has the highest unemployment rate in the world and it is the third most impoverished country in the Middle East.

The Palestinian Authority is a federation of five territories, with the West Bank and East Jerusalem as its eastern and southern regions.

In the past five years, the economy has grown by about 7.6% and the number of jobs has risen by 1.8 million.

According to the Palestinian Centre for Statistics and Development, unemployment in the West Qalamoun region is at 18.9% with the unemployment rate for the Palestinian people living in East Jerusalem at 25.2%.

In West Bank, the unemployment rates are at 29.6%.

The first-person shop in Gaza, known as Al-Shifa, opened its first store in Al-Fayoum in the town of Ramallah, in northern Gaza Strip.

It has been open since September 2011.

According a statement by the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre of Statistics and Industry, the number two job in Gaza is the one of a technician and the second job in Ramallah is the owner of a house.

In the past four years, Al-Safa has hired more than 8,000 people and it has opened more than 500 shops.

Al-Zabar is a second-floor shop with its ceiling of a wooden panel covered with foam and sand.

It sells a wide range of products and supplies, including toilet paper, hair dye, hand sanitizer and cooking oil.

The shop also has a large amount of products that are made by local Palestinian companies.

Al-Safwa, which has a staff of about 250, also owns a second store that sells clothes, shoes, and electronics.

The shop also sells shoes from the Jordanian shop and sells them in Palestinian markets.

Another shop that Al-Qabas has opened is a small shop in the al-Bureij neighborhood of Ramona.

It offers handmade items and accessories such as jewelry, jewelry bracelets, and handbags.

It also sells food products such as olive oil and cheese, and some other products, including meat and vegetables.

The Al-Tayyar Shop in al-Khalil was opened in November 2012.

It operates as a second or third-hand store, which serves as a way for Palestinians to trade their goods.

The owners of the shop, Mohammed and Amal, are from Gaza.

Amal is a mother of four and her husband works at a local construction company in Gaza City.

The store also sells items from the shops in Ramona and in the village of Nabi Saleh.

The owners of Al-Azra in Ramoun, which is located in the north of the West al-Fajjar refugee camp, opened their first store last year.

They have hired about 10 employees, and they also have two other stores, one in Gaza and one in the nearby village of al-Riyad.

The owner of the first store, Ali Al-Abdullah, is a member of the Fatah-run National Council.

He opened the shop in March 2013 and it sells clothes and accessories made by Palestinian companies such as Al Qabas and Al-Ya’ath.

The second store, Al Sabha, is the first in Ramun, the Gaza Strip’s largest city.

Al Sabra sells handmade goods and items from shops in the surrounding villages.

It is not easy to enter the West bank and the Palestinian capital.

There is no official tourist guide, and most shops are closed and most Palestinian residents avoid visiting the Palestinian territories.

But with the help of the internet and social media, some Palestinians have started to venture out to the West banks.


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