The Epic Second-Hand Store in New York City

Epic is a real-life clothing company.

It opened a second-handed store on Madison Avenue in New Jersey in 2009. 

The first-hand clothes store in New Yorker-land was in Brooklyn, which is where I got my start with the New York Times. 

Epic’s second-old-school store has been a hotbed of creativity for years, and they’ve done a great job of it. 

Here are 10 of my favorite Epic second-hands. 

1. Blackbird A pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a backpack, and a scarf. 

A backpack is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I love it. 2. 

Klueber A leather jacket and pants for a few bucks. 

I’m going to get a leather jacket, a jacket, and pants. 


Das Booties A couple pairs of leather shoes, a shirt, a hat, and some socks. 


Hudson Street A box of socks, a leather wallet, and three pairs of pants.


Stitch & Cloth A shirt, coat, and jeans for a couple bucks.


Lion’s Footwear A belt, wallet, shoes, and socks for a pair.


Boots &amp: Boots A bag of shoes, some socks, and maybe a belt. 

8. Vacations A sweater, a belt, and shoes for a single visit. 9. 

Panda A set of shoes and a pair or two of pants for just under $15. 


Tutti Rouge A collection of socks and a belt for under $10.


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