Which of these is better than the other?

A post shared by /u/dylan_s_sue (@dylans_sie) on Nov 17, 2018 at 11:38am PST Which of the following is better for your family: 1.

a new book or music CD: 2.

a book or movie: 3.

a DVD or Blu-ray: 4.

a music video: 5.

a gift card or coupon: 6.

a video game or video game console: 7.

a phone or tablet: 8.

a TV, DVD or blu-ray player: 9.

a computer: 10.

a radio or video receiver: 11.

a tablet: 12.

a camera: 13.

a home improvement store: 14.

a car, RV or truck: 15.

a plane, boat, motorhome or ship: 16.

a rental car: 17.

a travel company: 18.

a business or trade school: 19.

a university: 20.

a college: 21.

a company: 22.

a government agency: 23.

a public school: 24.

a community college: 25.

a church or religious group: 26.

a retirement home: 27.

a bank: 28.

a credit union: 29.

a pawn shop: 30.

a barber shop: 31.

a beauty salon: 32.

a hair salon: 33.

a pharmacy: 34.

a nail salon: 35.

a clothes store: 36.

a drugstore: 37.

a pet supply store: 38.

a toy store: 39.

a sports store: 40.

a tire store: 41.

a mattress store: 42.

a furniture store: 43.

a house repair shop: 44.

a bed and breakfast: 45.

a day care center: 46.

a gym: 47.

a movie theater: 48.

a fitness center: 49.

a health club: 50.

a dental office: 51.

a hospital: 52.

a gas station: 53.

a bakery: 54.

a fast food restaurant: 55.

a convenience store: 56.

a grocery store: 57.

a hardware store: 58.

a clothing store: 59.

a sporting goods store: 60.

a shoe store: 61.

a tires store: 62.

a lumber yard: 63.

a sawmill: 64.

a truck repair shop : 65.

a machine shop: 66.

a welding shop: 67.

a dry cleaning service: 68.

a tanning salon: 69.

a tattoo parlor: 70.

a body shop: 71.

a carpet cleaning service : 72.

a sheet mask: 73.

a metal cleaning service 70.



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