When to buy second-handed stores

When you shop second-to-hand, you are buying second-class property.

This means that a retailer has sold their property to a third party.

This is what happened with the store on the corner of College and Washington Streets, the second-worst in Urbana.

It was sold to a private equity firm by former President Barack Obama’s former adviser and future US Secretary of State, Ben Rhodes.

Rhodes has now become one of the most powerful voices in the United States to advocate for the interests of American retailers, particularly those that sell second- and third-hand products.

The new owners have bought the property, and will be using it as a store for their store.

The store will now sell a range of second-tier items from jewellery to home decor.

The property was bought by a private investment firm, which will be the only tenant.

This new owners will also have the authority to operate a second-home, although they will have to move out and re-open the store as a new owner.

A spokesperson for the new owners says that they will be working with the new owner and the department store to “develop a new, more sustainable model of business and service for Urbans first-time homebuyers”.

The new owner, who is an investment banker, is planning to build a new store in the space vacated by the former president’s former advisers.

“The department store will become a new home for first-timers,” the spokesperson said.

“This is not about a temporary store.

We are here to help them find a place to live in a community they can afford and build a sustainable business.”

Urbens new owners intend to have a different approach to second-level retail.

The former president, who was a US Senator, said he thought that retail should be a community-based, community-driven business, with community involvement.

“I don’t think retail should have to be a one-size-fits-all.

I think it should be local, local, community owned, community operated, and then the retailer can decide what’s best for the community,” he said in 2015.

The spokesman for the department stores said that the company was currently working with Urbains former landlord on the property.

He said that it was a new tenant, which would include its own staff and a staff from the local community centre.

“It’s important that this building is not just a temporary tenant, but a community centre for this community,” the spokesman said.


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