China-made TV sets, laptops worth hundreds of millions of yuan in sales

An article from the Financial Times website on Sunday shows a sales report by a third-party vendor, the Beijing-based Smart Tech Solutions, showing a total sales of 486 million yuan (US$521.9 million) for TVs, laptops, and other electronics sold at online retail outlets, or a third party seller. 

Smart Tech Solutions says it sold 486.3 million yuan ($521 million) worth of TVs, 3.5 million for laptops, 8.6 million for personal computers, and 8.2 million for printers and other devices, which it did not disclose in the report.

The sales were part of a report by Smart Tech which it said showed sales of 1.6 billion yuan (HK$2.4 billion) in the fourth quarter of this year.

The company said the sales of its electronics were not necessarily indicative of future sales as the firm does not have specific data on demand.

The report said that 3.4 million televisions were sold in China last year, but did not specify how many were Chinese-made or how many overseas.

It said sales of other TVs were also down, with only 1.4 percent of the total sold last year in China. 

The Smart Tech report said the company had sold 4,813.6 yuan ($62.4) worth products in the third quarter of 2017.

The firm also reported sales of 633.2 yuan ($75.6) worth tablets, 1,063.4 yuan ($76.2) worth printers and 3,766.6 ($91.2, $116.4, $127.6, $135.6 ) yuan ($137.6.7) worth flash memory.

The firm did not provide sales figures for its products, or explain why it said sales for electronics were down.

A spokesman for Smart Tech said the firm did provide the figures on the sale of its products and did not reveal any further sales figures. 

(Reporting by David Herd and Suyun Chen; Editing by David Stamp)


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