When the ‘second-class’ store is at it again

First-hand shops have been left feeling the pinch of ‘second class’ retail, after a number of stores closed due to ‘shelter in place’ orders.

A large number of retailers, including Aldi, have also been forced to close after their supply chains were disrupted by a ransomware outbreak.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the ‘unprecedented’ ransomware attack on a large number in Italy’s second-largest city of Udine has seen several stores close due to a ‘supply-chain disruption’ caused by the threat of ransomware.

Unsurprisingly, the news agency also quoted a spokesman for the Udine city government saying: “We are working to keep the public calm, and in the meantime we will not reopen our stores until further notice.”

However, in a statement to the AP, the city council said that the ‘sudden disruption of our supply chain is the result of a cyber-attack by a foreign nation against Udine, with the city government as the target”.

The city council has been working to bring all shops back online as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the Italian government has been scrambling to contain the threat, with its national cyber security unit working on a contingency plan, ANSA reported.

As of last Thursday, there were 5,000 units of state-owned ENSO, the national emergency service, which are deployed across the country.

An ENSo spokesman told the AP that it is still ‘working on a plan’ for the next 24 hours, but stressed that the situation was ‘fluid’.”

The number of units of ENSOs has not increased, but the number of incidents has decreased,” he said.”

We don’t have any information about the extent of the threat.

“Meanwhile, Italy’s prime minister has told reporters that he was ‘deeply saddened’ by the loss of shops.

Santiago Bettini, the leader of the centre-right Democratic Party, said on Thursday that he ‘wants to express my condolences to the family of the victim of the ransomware attack’ on the popular second-tier store in Udine.”

I have been deeply saddened to learn that the owner of the store is the victim, and that the loss is so deep and serious that he can no longer continue to work in the store,” Mr Bettini said.

Italy’s state-run news agency Ansa said the owner, who was working as a cook in a local restaurant, is among those affected by the ransomware.”

His business has been completely destroyed and he is now in need of financial assistance to continue working as normal,” the statement read.

A spokesman for Aldi confirmed to ANSA that a number have closed due ‘supplemental orders’ for second-level stock, but said that it was not yet known how many were ‘lost’.”

We can confirm that the stores have closed but that we are not aware of any loss of sales.”AP/AP


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