Australian store finds $3,000 in a bottle of alcohol hidden in the back of the freezer

Posted April 04, 2018 07:50:17A second-storey store in the Australian capital Canberra found a bottle containing what appeared to be a high-alcohol drink hidden in its back freezer.

Key points:Store owner said he and his family were stunned when they found a “high-end” bottle of wine hidden in a freezerIt was a “very unusual” discoveryThe bottle was empty but the owner was able to identify the wine’s sourceThe owner of a second-floor store in Canberra was shocked when he opened a locked freezer and found a large bottle of champagne inside.

“I just had a very, very strong feeling that this was a very expensive bottle,” he said.

“There was no warning, it was not a normal bottle of a high quality wine.”

So I opened the freezer and I was like ‘Wow, it’s something different’.

“The bottle contained wine, rum and brandy, but the drink was empty and could not be identified.”

It was obviously a very unusual bottle to find in a second floor of a store,” store owner Ben Fagan said.

The bottle, labelled “Alfonso de Bergerac,” was found by Mr Fagan’s family as they went shopping for a new pair of shoes at a second store in their home town.”

They came home and we were like ‘oh my God this is really something special,’ and we just started digging around the house,” he told ABC Radio Canberra.

Mr Fagan had been planning to move his family into a second house at the end of the year, and the couple had been thinking of putting the property up for sale.”

But I was just like ‘there’s a bottle here and I don’t know who’s responsible for it’,” he said, adding that he believed it had come from a nearby bar.”

When you have a high end bottle of high quality, and it’s in the same place as the bar, it just doesn’t happen,” he explained.”

If it’s not a bar, you don’t expect it to be in a supermarket.

“Mr Faggans wife, Sarah, said the bottle was the “largest bottle we’ve ever found”.”

It’s not something that you’re going to find at a wine bar,” she said.

He said the owner of the store would have to be extremely lucky to find such a rare wine in the first place.”

A lot of people find wine, especially high end, in the supermarket,” he added.”

We were quite surprised to find it in a store, it wasn’t anything we would normally expect.



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