Which ethical stores are ethical?

The second-most ethical stores in America are second- and third-hand thrift stores, according to the annual Ethical Stores List , a list compiled by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).

They are also the largest category of stores in the retail sector, according a 2017 report by the non-profit Consumer Reports, and are often the most popular destination for shoppers, who pay higher prices at second- or third-handed thrift shops.

In addition to second-and-third-hand shops, the list also includes thrift-and use stores, hardware stores, gift and household goods stores, and thrift markets.

“Ethical” is defined as “the ethical treatment of goods and services, products, and persons, and the management of consumer welfare.”

The top 10 stores on the list are: American Eagle Outfitters , owned by the Walt Disney Company, is the second-largest retailer in the U.S. with more than 4 million items in its stores, including apparel, home goods, shoes, apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, home decor, toys, collectibles, and more.

The store, with a total of 11,500 stores in 26 states and Washington, D.C., is the largest online retailer in North America and is a top five overall brand.

In 2017, American Eagle made more than $3 billion in revenue and earned a $6.6 billion operating profit.

The chain, which is owned by Walt Disney, was ranked number five on the 2017 list.

Amazon.com , also owned by Disney, has more than 10,000 stores in 24 states and more than 2.5 million items.

In 2016, Amazon reported a $2.4 billion operating loss.

The retailer earned a net profit of $1.5 billion in 2017, according the report.

The company was ranked second in the industry in 2016.

The website also ranks fourth in the 2016 list.

The parent company, Amazon.in, is one of the largest companies in the world, with more then 50,000 employees, according RILA.

Its business, which also includes the online marketplace, is a $4.4 trillion market, according Fortune.

“Amazon.in is an amazing place to live, work, and play,” said Richard Gere, founder of the non in 2018.

“They have more than 500 million members, a vast network of warehouses and distribution centers, and a vibrant online community of customers and friends.

Amazon’s leadership is building the future of commerce and its products and services are transforming our world.”

Costco Wholesale Club , the largest independent wholesale club in the United States, was listed on the second annual list with an estimated $5.6 trillion in sales in 2017.

The U.K.-based retailer, which has more then 6,600 stores in more than 40 countries, has a total store inventory of nearly 12.5 times its estimated annual sales.

Costco also earns a profit margin of 16 percent, according Crain’s Businessweek.

Costco has been ranked number three in the country in 2017 with a profit margins of 8.6 percent.

Costco Whole Foods , the nation’s largest grocery retailer, ranked number one in 2017 and earned $6 billion in sales, according Business Insider.

The organization is one the nation-leading grocery chains, according Forbes, with $5 billion revenue and $8.4 million in annual sales in 2016, according data from the National Retail Federation.

The food and retail chain, with over 50,00 stores in 19 countries, is ranked first on the Forbes list for the fourth consecutive year.

Costco was ranked the fourth-largest food retailer in America in 2018, according an analysis by Forbes.

Walmart, which operates more than 3,000 U.T. stores and operates grocery and department stores in 22 states, is considered by many to be one of America’s most profitable businesses, with an annual revenue of more than a billion dollars.

Walmart is ranked the second most profitable business in the nation with a net loss of $4 billion in 2016 due to a reduction in business after Hurricane Harvey.

The retail giant, which recently announced it would close more than 1,200 U.R. stores, reported a profit of nearly $6 million in 2017 for the fiscal year ending in April.

Walmart has a significant presence in low-income neighborhoods in many cities, and its decision to close stores has sparked protests.

In response to these protests, Walmart announced it is working to increase its workforce to 50,100 full-time employees by 2021.

“The decision to shut down our stores is not the result of any shortage of jobs, but rather a reflection of our continuing commitment to serve our customers, our community, and our planet,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement.

“Our commitment to sustainability is core to our mission and we will continue to do everything we can to meet those challenges.”

Costco, which was ranked by Fortune


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