When your best friend dies, you can’t just go shopping again!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a second-home full of items to pick up and stuff my bags in.

Last time I was in a second house, I bought a few gifts and was excited to see what I’d find.

That was before I found the second-store that had everything I was looking for.

The second-handed store is a brand new store that opened this past month in my old neighborhood in downtown Dallas.

A sign on the door says, “A new second-person store for all of us”.

The store is full of first-hand items, and some of the items are actually second-gen (like the original, first-generation version of the Pogo-Dot and the new Crayola PowerBook.)

The sign on my front door also says, “All of our products are first-class and made with quality.”

I’m not a big fan of second-world brands, and this store is not one of them.

I was pretty disappointed to find that the store was mostly second-generation items, which is not the case at all for most second-life shops.

The signs that say second-sales on the doors are usually the first thing that you see when you walk in, but it’s not the only thing that’s not first-gen.

On the first floor, the second floor is filled with items that I didn’t expect to see.

The first floor of the second store is filled mostly with second-day merchandise and second-month merchandise.

I went to the second day store and noticed a large section of a line with everything from pencils and pens to notebooks, but I couldn’t find any pens, markers, or pencils.

There was one pen that was in stock, but there were only two pens in the room.

I checked the next floor and found a section with pens and markers, but no pencils or pens.

If I’d been in the store the day before, I’d have been more inclined to pick the pen and markers up, since there’s a line of them on the second and third floors of the store.

But I’m glad I went the second time because I found all of the pens and pencils I wanted.

Next, I checked out the store’s second-floor second-agent section.

In the first-floor store, the store is mostly full of pens and pens, and I think that’s a good thing, because I’d rather find pens than pencils in a store that doesn’t carry them.

If I could get pens and penshops in second-level stores, I would probably not go back to the first or second floor.

Finally, I went back to my old home and took some photos of the stores shelves and shelves of items that weren’t there before.

First-day products on the shelves are what most people want to find, but they’re not all first-sides.

I found a couple of pens that I had bought a while back, but the pens are a little older than the ones I had before.

The pen that I picked up at the store before is not a first-day pen.

Second-day items are the only things that are always in stock in the second floors of my stores.

I was pretty impressed by this, since it means that there is always something available for me in the stores that was not in the first floors.

Here’s what I did find at my second-room store: A pencil pen.

I got this pen for $15 at a second day-store.

It’s not a new pen, but if you have the money, it’s a great second-side.

It was a $3 pen from my last second-source store.


A $15 pen from the second room.

This is a great pen for those who have a second source store and are looking for a pen that’s still in stock.

An old pencil.

This pen is $15 from the store I visited last time.

It is in a section of the inventory that is not on the first two floors of second rooms.

I picked it up at my previous source store.

It has some other penholders on it, but these pens are not in any of the first five stores that are in my inventory.

More pens.

This $15 pencil is from my previous second source.

Two pencils that were on my old second source that were bought in second rooms at my source store that was closed.

These pencils are $20 and $25, respectively.

I’m not sure why they’re in the inventory, but my source’s second source has a different penholders, so I am not sure how the two pencils fit into the inventory.

It could just be a leftover from a store where the pencils were not in stock


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